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While this website is dedicated to the town of Marshfield, Massachusetts, it is not the official town website. That site is If you have questions regarding Marshfield government, or want to know "official" information, or have questions pertaining to governmental departments or town regulations, etc., you should visit that site and contact the people listed there.

I can only help with matters directly related to this website, such as broken links or incorrect information.

If you have a general question about Marshfield, I might be able to help, since I've lived most of my life here, but there are many others with a broader knowledge base than I.

You will find a huge resource of knowledgeable people who frequent the Marshfield Forum. If you don't visit any other area of this website, be sure to check out the forum!

My email address is, and I keep a close eye on email throughout the day. I do have a spam filter installed and on rare occasions, it filters out something that it shouldn't. But if you include "Marshfield" anywhere within the subject line, it will bypass the spam filter.

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