Places to walk your dog

Where to walk your dog in Marshfield

The map below of Marshfield shows locations that I know of that are Dog Friendly to some extent. Clicking on any of the blue dog icons will pop up information about that location, including directions, site-specific information and any hazards/restrictions that I know of.

Please send me email if you know of other locations that should be on this map, any errors in the information on the sites listed, or any additional information that you think would be helpful.

[ Note: Since I originally posted this page, several people have offered additional places to walk dogs. As I get a chance to visit these places, I'll be adding them to the map. ]

Please do not walk your dogs on Audubon land. From David E. Clapp of Mass Audubon:

"We started the policy as a means to insure that wildlife, especially ground-nesting birds, would be secure through the breeding season. It is also important to keep winter-stressed wildlife from being bothered in the winter. There were a couple other reasons as well; the dog/dog and dog/people incidents that (occasionally) occurred and the mess that we were faced with at the time."

Coyote Warning: (from Norma Haskins) Just a note to owners of small dogs. If you're walking in a remote area, especially in North Marshfield and you own a small dog (under 15 pounds), you should keep it on a leash at all times. Coyotes are common in that area and it would only take a few seconds for a coyotes to grab your small dog and run. And don't think your yelling is going to stop him. He's hungry.

Dog walking etiquette

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