Marshfield History

Marshfield Historical Society Website

Marshfield- From Colonial times to present.. An Overview..

In the Pilgrim Way: The First Congregational Church of Marshfield, MA
by Linda R. Ashley

Marshfield - A Town of Villages 1640-1990
by Cynthia Hagar Krusell and Betty Magoun Bates. An Introduction.

The Isaac Winslow House

Marshfield History - As Told Through the Lives & Tales of Its People, Past & Present
Marshfield, Then and Now - 1950-1990

In Our Parent's Time - By Bob Cheeseman

Cemeteries, monuments, markers, plaques and more... - By Bob Cheeseman

Veterans' Cemeteries - By Bob Cheeseman

Fessenden - Famous Inventor moves to Brant Rock (Blackmans Point) and changes communications history, produces many patents..

Daniel Webster - Statesman,Lawyer, Orator lived and worked in Marshfield.

For more information, contact the Marshfield Historical Commission at: 781-834-7329.

And for more information on historical properties and the rich heritage of the Commonwealth, visit the Massachusetts Historical Commission web site.

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