Marshfield Veterans
Korean War Memorial at Town Hall National Korean War Memorial

Korean War Veterans

Town of Marshfield MA

June 25, 1953 to January 31, 1955
Acts of 1953 C - 440

Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Adjutant General's Office / Military Division / Records Section

Researched by: Robert F. Cheeseman December - 1999
Validated - November 22, 2000 by: Charles Kearney (Town Veteran Graves Officer)

Alden, Frerick D.Air Force
Almeida, Alfred W.Army
Ames, CharlesArmy
Bain, Donald W.Army
Barros, Walter J.Army
Bass, Robert E.Navy
Beaudean, Bruce W.Navy
Beaudean, Robert E.Air Force
Behrmann, Robert J.Army
Binley, Elliott C.Air Force
Bonney, Albert G.Air Force
Bonney, Lawrence B.Army
Bonney, WilfredNavy
Boyle, Craig B.Air Force
Brennan, Alberta L.Air Force
Callahan, John G.Navy
Campbell Jr., William R.Air Force
Caranci, Donald H.Navy
Caranci, Robert A.Navy
Cariglio, Michael J.Air Force
Carver, Frank W.Air Force
Carver Jr., HenryArmy
Carver, Richard H.Army
Chandler Jr., George F.Navy
Chapman Jr., Earle F.Navy
Cobb Jr., George H.Navy
Craig Jr., James W.Army
Creed, Joseph F.Army
Creed, WilliamNavy
Cress, John M.Navy
Cressler, David L.Army
Cunning, Frank J.Air Force
Cushing, Reynold P.Army
D'agostino, Paul A.Air Force
Davis, Ralph T.Marine
Davis, Samuel A.Navy
Dobson, Richard L.Marine
Dow, James A.Air Force
Dow III, James A.Air Force
Downs, Ronald C.Marine
Drinan, Douglas D.Marine
Dubois, Edward A.Army
Dunbar, Edwaed A.Army
Dunbar, Robert H.Marine
Edmunds. Robert J.Navy
Enabenter, James M.Marine
Ferris, Gordon F.Army
* Ferris, Ronald R.Army
Fitch, Robert C.Navy
Flanders, Robert J.Navy
Flavell, John F.Air Force
Fontes Jr., AlexanderArmy
Ford, Donald R.Army
Frisbie, Richard L.Army
Frougoli, William R.Army
Gallant, Kenneth E.Navy
Gilpin, Henry L.Marine
Glawson, Bertha A.Army
Glawson, William R.Marine
Gonsalves, Edward S.Marine
Gratto, Lloyd J.Navy
Gratto, Varnum E.Navy
Hall, Danforth A.Navy
Hall, Jean W.Air Force
Hallowell, Bruce E.Air Force
Harlow, Frank E.Army
Hartigan, John J.Army
Hartigan, William E.Army
Henderson, Herbert J.Air Force
Higgins, Eugene F.Army
Hoedike, Julian F.Navy
Holm, Harold E.Army
Hubbard, Frederick G.Army
Hubbard Jr., John C.Air Force
Hubbard, William B.Navy
Hunt Jr., Charles E.Marine
Hunt, Kevin E.Navy
Huchinson Jr., Amos G.Navy
Jeffers, Otis P.Marine
Jones, Richard P.Navy
Joseph, Frank J.Army
Joseph, George W.Army
Joseph, Steven J.Air Force
Keith, RobertMarine
Kelley, John D.Navy
Kelley, Richard F.Army
Kidder, Richard H.Navy
King, Dorothy P.Navy
Labree, Ralph E.Army
Laliberte Jr., Frank E.Navy
Lane, Gustavus C.Army
Lauzon, Douglas R.Marine
Little, Peter W.Navy
* Lopes Jr, Alfred E.Marine
Macaulay, William E.Air Force
Mahoney, George F.Navy
Marshall, Lawrence E.Navy
Martin, Donald J.Marine
Mattson, Raymond R.Army
Mcbride, Paul F.Navy
Mccormick, Richard P.Air Force
Mcelroy, John C.Navy
Malaughlin, James A.Navy
Melvin, John A.Air Force
Melvin, Samuel A.Air Force
Menchin, Charles E.Air Force
Mignault Jr., Clifford S.Army
Monroe, Donald L.Air Force
Moran Jr., John F.Navy
Murphy, Robert O.Army
Nielsen, Frederick T.Navy
Oakman, Karl N.Air Force
O'Donald, Edward B.Army
O'Donald, Franklin L.Army
Osborne, Walter E.Air Force
Ouellet, Louis P.Army
Pearl, Evertt M.Army
Pearl, Herbert H.Army
Pearl Jr., Michael J.Army
Peterson, Gordon F.Marine
Pineo, Isaac M.Air Force
Prowse, Paul E.Army
Reeves, Phillip A.Army
Rich, David M.Air Force
Roberts, John A.Marine
Roderick, Frederick W.Marine
Roderick Jr., Joseph P.Air Force
Rodriguis, Arthur P.Army
Rogers Jr., John P.Army
Rugani, Arthur F.Army
Salvetti, Sergio A.Army
Sampson, Carl W.Navy
Shanley Jr. John M.Navy
Shutt Jr., John W.Army
Silva Jr., BenjaminAir Force
Somerby, Richard A.Air Force
Stanton, David C.Army
Staples, Donal L.Navy
Staples, Selwyn R.Navy
Stickney, William K.Navy
Stratton, Irwin E.Air Force
Studley, JeanArmy
Studley, Robert C.C. Guard
Taylor, John W.Air Force
Tower, John F.Air Force
Travers Jr., William J.Marine
Williams, RobertArmy
Woodman, William H.C. Guard

* Honor Roll

Note: I have done the best I can do to re-establish these records of the men and women that left the town of Marshfield for service of thier country. I hear by request that this list be accepted by the town of Marshfield for educational purposes for the citizens of the town.

I would like to dedicate this research to all honor roll members of all wars, all veterans that served their country, and my own personal dedication to the following people; WW-II, my grandfather John Cheeseman, Korean War, a friend Henry "Hank" Carver, Vietnam War, a classmate and friend William A. Coggeshall, Persian Gulf War, my son Scott C. Cheeseman, Merchant Marines, a friend Robert Bell.

God Bless America

Bob Cheeseman
Vietnam Veteran
Alden, Frerick D. Air Force

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