A listing in the guide is free. Restaurants can have their own custom web page with a link in the guide, but that's not quite as free.

I haven't included the national fast-food restaurants in the list. You know who they are. You know what they serve. We've got a McDonald's, a Wendy's, a Burger King, a Papa Gino's, a Subway and a few Dunkin Donuts scattered about.

Please let the restaurants know that you found them in Marshfield.net.

A note about menus: Several restaurant pages include full menus with prices. These menus were given to us by the restaurants. We then scanned the menus and ran optical character recognition (OCR) software on the images to make them suitable for web pages. Now while this OCR software is clever, it isn't foolproof, and mistakes happen. We've tried to catch any mistakes in the transfer, but some have certainly slipped by. So if you see a "Twin Lobster Dinner" for $1.95, be suspicious. Restaurants are not responsible for mistakes in these web pages. Also, bear in mind that all restaurants' prices are subject to change. Unless otherwise noted, the menus were taken from the restaurants during the summer of 1996.

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